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Post  trug on Tue 29 Dec 2009 - 20:50

Hi Celty,saw your comment on fb re the stamping ground and would suggest to you that some,indeed most of the negative comments posted there are by people,whom whilst they think they are all knowing about everything actually know very little about anything.Of course i except not everyone is going to like Coast anymore than everyone will like Led Zep,Cream or Take That(dont know why i even thought of them,odd!)but genuine music critics(or fans) give any kind of music a chance to grow and then if they dont like it they have made an informed decision.It could also be that you may like a bands 1st album and not like the next one,that has happened to me more than once,but i then would not write off all consequent work they produce.I suspect certain folk on sg feel they have an axe to grind based on their own insecurity of their favorite band(s)rather than the work Coast has produced so far.Of course comparisons will be made between Runrig and Big Country and i dont see that as a problem at all,but i also believe that as Coast grow people will begin to see them as their own band with their own unique sound.To achieve this it takes time,skill and a belief in themselves and their fans and i believe Coast have that in spades.I also know Celty telling you this is a bit like trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs i just wanted to make my view public.By nailing my colours to Coast's mast does not mean i have turned my back on all the other bands i like i have just made a bit more room for good band in my album collection!

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Post  Celtman on Wed 30 Dec 2009 - 7:44

Hi Trug
Very interesting post and I agree with you.
In my vast collection there is always room for new bands and Coast sit at the top of that list for the last 12 months.
Very few bands hit all the right notes for me but Coast do......as do Dare, Runrig, Siena Root, Wicked Minds, Graveyard and a few others.

At the end of the day no one is going to like every band, but most people who dont like a band say they dont and move on......not like a certain person whose only goal in life is to bring Coast down.

One good thing about finding new bands is also finding the folk who listen to them and building friendships up and thats what its all about.


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Post  Trousers on Wed 30 Dec 2009 - 10:29

Nice post Trug. I always take time to thank anyone on the SG who has posted some constructive criticism about COAST as I think it's important that the band receives balanced feedback.

However, There will always be people who want to take criticism to another more personal level and inflating reality is often a side effect of such motives.

There are people on all messageboards (apart from this one....yet!!) who take great delight in stirring things up and they thrive on people's defensive reactions.

Just one of those things at the end of the day (Brian)


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